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Sunday, February 21, 2010

8th Grade POW: Chapter 10: Unravelling

Cynthia lay in her hammock, exhausted yet unable to rest. Nothing on this trip seemed real now. Not even 24 hours earlier she was on the Rim with the Adults. There had been hope of finding a way off this confusing island. Then the rocks came hurling through the sky. She saw Jesse hit in the head and fall, then, in short order, Margie and Jeanie and several Adults around them were hit. Then Miguel. Confusion ensued and Cynthia felt hands grab her over the edge of the Rim and into a series of covered trenches that offered protection from the rocks raining down on them. The Verdania Adults were shouting and running through the trenches. It felt like an old World War II movie. 
Dula ran up to her, “The other in your group, the Captain, is down that way with two of our people. They will evacuate you. You must leave, now!” Dula pushed Cynthia down the trench, “Go!”
Cynthia ran up to the Captain, who was strangely distant and silent.  The trenches led down the side of the Rim and back into the Verdania Caldera. They moved quickly. The walked briskly through the night, along moon lit paths through the forests until finally arriving to a small village.  They left Cynthia and the Captain in a small cabin with several hammocks hanging from posts. The two adults nodded as they left, closing the door behind them.
“What has happened? Oh my god, what about the kids? What are we going to do, Captain?”
The Captain paced along the floor, impatiently. “The kids are fine, at least ours. Dula told me that attacks on the Rim happen only occasionally, but to date, nothing has ever reached the Caldera floor. The children don’t even know about this. It’s all some sort of elaborate scheme to protect them from the Deesors.”
“Who are the Deesors?” asked Cynthia.
“Don’t know. There wasn’t time to find out. I think we are ok here, though. Feel bad about the others on the Rim though.” She looked down for moment. Cynthia wondered if she would cry.
But then the Captain looked up, dry eyed, and started pacing around the cabin again. She stopped at a table in the back corner of the room. There was a small bookcase on the wall behind the desk. The Captain rummaged through the books with idle curiosity. They were ancient, dusty old books, some of them handwritten in fancy calligraphy. Most of them were in Spanish or French, though a few were written in English as well. She picked up one book and saw the title Our History
“What a silly title,” she thought to herself. But as she breezed through the first couple pages, she realized that perhaps she could finally come to understand the origins of the people on this crazy island. She read:
Jurakan, Captain of the Ferdinando, made his life's fortune on seven perilous voyages around the Caribbean, each of which took him to a different island where he acquired a famous treasure from his dangerous opponents. From the following notes taken from Jurakan's log, you can find where Jurakan went, what prize he acquired, and whom he outsmarted on each of his seven voyages?
  1. Jurakan was on Jutía Island on an earlier voyage than the one when he bested Macana; his meeting with Macana was on an earlier voyage than the one on which he acquired the Inrirí Diamond.
  2. The Jurakan's attack against Viejo Tomás wasn't the one in Baya or the one in Goya.
  3. Queen Nasa wasn't the foe from whom Jurakan got the Mimé Emerald.
  4. Neither Chief Fotu nor the Pirate Guanín was the victim when Jurakán gained possession of the Lamp of  Ditas.
  5. Jurakan outfoxed General Buré on the voyage immediately after the one that took him to Amabala and immediately before the one that brought him the Mimé Emerald as a prize.
  6. The Caribe Ruby wasn't acquired in either Natia or Tabatá.
  7. Immediately after tricking Viejo Tomás on one voyage, Jurakan got the Sapphire of Sezu on his next adventure.
  8. Jurakan acquired the Caribe Ruby on a voyage later than the one on which he had to defeat Zerena; the voyage on which he beat her was later than the trip to Lukiyó Island.
  9. Jurakan's adventure in Baya immediately followed his journey to the land ruled by Nasa.
  10. The encounter with Macana wasn't in fabled Tabatá.
  11. On his 7th and last voyage, Jurakan stole the Princess Parlina, who became his wife. On his 1st voyage, Jurakan sailed to the Goya Island.
  12. King Fotu wasn't the foe who possessed the Black Pearls of the Puño.
  13. The Sapphire of Sezu wasn't the prize Jurakan outwitted the Grand Buré to get.

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