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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr Bott

The title of this POW is Justin Needs Out.Justin has moved to W=====e Middle School from a school in New York.He does not like W======e much; it’s too low tech and boring.And he especially dislikes Mr. Bott.Mr. Bott is rude to Justin and the only way Justin can get out of his class is to prove to Mr. Bott that he is too advanced for remedial math.He must solve the math problem to impress Mr. Bott.The problem states that Mr. Bott will pay the student $1000 on the first day in the morning.In return, the student must pay a $100 commission to Mr. Bott at the end of the day.At the end of the day they will also determine the next days payment and commission.Mr. Bott will double the money the student has at the end of the day and double the amount the student has to pay him in commission.Can the student work for a month?The main math topic is logic.

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