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Friday, October 2, 2009

My Friday Five

Every Friday I end the day thinking about what I've learned this week. The list is long and varied, but let's pick out the top five:

1. I learned that we cannot post my POW evaluation form directly onto the blog as a PDF, but we can upload them and that will work fantastic as well.

2. I learned that a new tankless water heater will cost me $1,500, but 30% of that will come back to me as a tax rebate, making it cheaper than a standard tank water heater. I also found out that I work better with percentages than my plumber, but that he is much better at the piping :-)

3. I learned that a great way think of graphs, equations and tables in algebra is to compare them to languages, such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I thought that was fun.

4. I learned that a public option healthcare plan won't be passing our congress thanks to some unmovable Democrats. I was VERY sorry to learn that.

5. I learned that Inquiry for Social just group in Berkeley is, once again, the most amazing group of professionals I've ever met. GO BAWP! (Check out the Saturday seminar I will be giving on October 17th: )


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