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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The last school day....

This Tuesday was the last day of classes. Tomorrow will be the 8th grade graduation. Thursday and Friday will be wrap up meetings.

The teachers at my school believe we try to schedule the day too much for our students. Here is what it looked like for an 8th grader:

8-10 Graduation practice in the theater

10-11 Yearbook signing

11-12 Student council run school-wide barbecue

12-12:45 Yearbook signing

12:45-1:20 Middle School Slide Show

1:20-2:00 Clean out lockers/yearbook

2-2:45 "Gonging up"ceremony (in which each grade from 1st through 8th are symbolically "passed up" to the next grade after a representative teacher talks briefly about their year) We also so a lot of whole school singing during this time, ending the ceremony with "Que Sera, Sera"

2:45-3:15 All School Hug Line, all students hug all teachers and vice versa.

This, if not obvious, is a day whose schedule has been developed over 40 years in a private school setting rising out of much earlier "hippy" roots.

What do you think? Over scheduled? 

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