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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Math Coach's Observation Protocol

Today I begin a new phase as Math Instructional Coach.

This is an observation protocol I am working on:

What is the evidence that important mathematics is at the core of the lesson?
    • Teacher has clear summary of lesson
    • Teacher can respond to unexpected student questions
    • Discern between important math concepts and tangential ones
What is the nature of the interactions between teacher and students and amongst the students themselves?
    • Confident
    • Respectful
    • Who is talking the most?
    • Teacher asks probing questions
    • Time to think
How are visual aids and models used to facilitate student understanding?
    • Whiteboard/overhead/ELMO
    • Sketches/diagrams
    • Posters
How does the grouping strategy address individual student needs?
    • Whole group, individual, partners, small groups
    • Which children work together
Does the lesson pose an appropriate range of challenge for every student?
    • Accessibility of the problems?
    • Extensions?
How is the management style conducive to develop a learning community?
    • Behavior management offers opportunities for student reflection?
    • Behavior expectations and consequences are explicit?
    • Teacher decisions leads to student autonomy?
How does room arrangement and placement of supplies help the learning goals?
    • Conducive to student collaboration
    • Private spaces for students to work independently
    • Neat and organized classroom
    • Student access to supplies and manipulatives

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