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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diagnosing Teachers’ Needs

As an Instruction Math Coach, I am considering the themes of math instruction with my cohort of teachers.

  • Content knowledge
    • Understanding network of connections
  • Disposition towards mathematics
    • Personal feelings about math
  • Pedagogical content knowledge
    • Developing and maintaining learning communities
    • Knowing how to “unpack” big math ideas
  • Underlying beliefs about learning
    • Teaching styles
    • Learning styles
  • Interpreting student thinking
    • What do students know and how do they show it?
    • What are misconceptions, partial knowledge and common confusions
  • Assessing prior knowledge
    • What might we assume students already know and how can they access this?
  • Habits of planning
    • Lesson planning and long term planning: when and how detailed
  • Engagement with curriculum material
    • What is role of core curriculum vs. standards based instruction?

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