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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Text messages and my students today

I am not a big fan of text messages, but recently I have come to see the ease with which basic messages can get transmitted without a lot of confusion or run-around.

Most of my students, even the poorer ones, have cell phones and are apt texters. Nearly all of the parents have abandoned land line phones in favor of cell phones.

I am thinking that instead of resisting texting, I should embrace it as an easy and cheap way to communicate with my students and their families.

Here are some questions I am considering:

What’s the impact of messages related to classwork?
What sort of learning happens best via text messaging?
How many students are able and willing to participate in these sorts of educational activities via their mobile phone? 
Because these  messages between home and school become more common, how do I include the parents and their phones in the loop?
Can these quizzes and other key ideas be sent to parents’ phones so that they can have the opportunity to ask their children? 

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