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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plausible SCOPE and SEQUENCE: 4th Grade TERC math curriculum

I did a little research about TERC (I used to teach from the older version, but it is rather similar as the new one).

I would offer this as a suggestion for changing up the scope and sequence:

1. Shape of Data
2. Factors, Multiple and Arrays
3. Landmark Numbers
4. Fraction Cards and Decimal squares (supplement with fractions circles and more mixed number stuff, but I like the connections between fractions and decimals)
5. Multiple Towers and Division Stories
6. Size, Shape and Symmetry (particularly area and perimeter and angles)
7. How many packages and how many groups (2 digit multiplication)

If there is time, do the Penny Jar unit (but that could also be interspersed throughout the year in smaller activities for a day or two)

Skip the 3-D unit (it is not in the 4th grade Common Core Standards and tends to be just outside the developmental range of many 4th graders)

That is 7 units in the year. I would include some small pre and post test for each unit to see how students have grown and to show parents what is being learned in class. 

Sept: Data
Oct: Factors
Nov/Dec: Landmark #'s
Jan/Feb: Fractions
Feb/March: Multiples
April: 2-D Geometry
May: Packages and Groups

I would also make most of the homework relate to multiplication, division and fractions, and less about addition and subtraction. That would send a different, more rigorous message home than the current sequence seems to be doing.

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