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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Partial Quotient Division

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Stephen said...

Awesome. Who needs to know their multiplication table?

But my 14 year old will never accept it. He's nearly got regular long division down, and knows the multiplication table, so he'll see this as more work. And, any day now, he'll either discover that there are over thirty computers and a dozen calculators in the house, or notice that he can get a calculator for $1.06 at the dollar store, and he has at least that much in his pocket.

I have only 4 more years to teach him calculus.

Maybe my 11 year old will like it. He seems to be having a mental block with bits of the multiplication table. For example, he knows 9 * 8, but not 8 * 9. I've considered teaching him arithmetic in octal, which also has a smaller table to learn. And, he has already discovered the vast amount of computing hardware, as he has been assigned to use calculators to perform square roots. How could i keep it a secret? Computers are good for something other than YouTube and email.