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Thursday, May 26, 2011

No End of the Year Class "Party" for us

My students have all been clamoring for a "party".

They expect me to buy pizza, they bring chips and soda. Classroom parties are just big food fests.

So many of my students are really quite overweight. If I were to buy them pizza, they would eat it in class and still go to lunch and eat the horrendous food there.

I will NOT be buying pizza, nor allowing the chips and sodas in my room.

I think we will play games. Active Games.


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Stephen said...

I've more or less stopped celebrating Thanksgiving. In America, we more or less overeat every day. The Thanksgiving bit about overeating had gotten to be essentially painful. Parties for adults typically involve alcohol. For minors, it typically means over eating, much like Thanksgiving. I'm glad someone is thinking of alternatives.