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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Writing in Math: Simple student reflections after test.

This math test was about ratios. A few challenges were challenging, but most of them were simple. Some problems asked about proportions. Others asked to make a rate table. The test was very interesting, because it provided just enough challenge. It took some time for me to finish, but I think that I did well.

Today we had a test on ratios, rates and proportions. The test was challenging, and even though I understood most of the material, I still think I got a lot wrong. These mistakes will help me learn more about this subject though. I think we use ratios and rates a lot in the real world, so I am glad that I learned about them.

Today we had a math test. the test was on ratios and proportions. Some of the problems were difficult. The one that I had the most difficulty on was the problem about how long would a 1 gallon shower be. The rest of the test was manageable to me.

I thought the test was pretty good today. It was not too easy but it defiantly reviewed what we had learned in the math book. Overall I liked the test and thought it had very interesting problems.

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