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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I wrote 62 report card comments for math...

Here is a sample of what some of them looked like:

XXXXXXXXX, you continue to show a strong understanding of the math concepts covered in class. You bring a unique sense of humor to the class that is well appreciated by your peers. You also add a lot of back-story to the POW’s, which I find fascinating. It shows that you propel yourself 100% into your work and make personal meaning of it. You could still work on appropriate responses in the math blogs. These blogs are designed solely for math work. Since you like to post on them, feel free to include other math sites or problems you would like me to see.

YYYYYYYYY, you are an amazing math student. You have a graceful way of expressing your thoughts and involving your peers in the math work. You show a superb understanding of all math topics covered in class. In fact, your work goes up and beyond expectations. You are a model math student and I am very impressed with the ease in which you do all your work and make it meaningful.

ZZZZZZZZZ, you have improved considerably in your approach to math class. You ask questions! That is huge. Any teacher will say that students who ask questions are the ones who are most involved in the learning process. You are quiet, but when I pass by your table, you always have a comment or explanation of your work. It is true, though, that you are confused by some of it. You remember doing it in previous year, but are unclear how to approach it in class. You work at a somewhat slower pace than your tablemates, but that is ok as long as you understand how to improve. For me, the best analogy for math class is: “It isn’t the destination that matters so much, but rather, the journey.” The fact that you participate as you do is a sign of the journey taking precedence over the destination (final product). I commend you for that and for your superbly neat and organized work.

++++++++, what can I say that I haven’t already? You are a star! You have been teaching me about independence and interdependence. You work so well through the algebra book and then show your understanding so clearly in the tests I give you. And yet, you and I have such great Wednesday sessions deriving quadratic formulas, creating videos and generally exploring the outer limits of what math means to the both of us. It is a fantastic experience, ++++++++, one I will remember for a long, long time. Thanks.

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