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Friday, January 1, 2010

Be Kind!

"Be kind whenever possible. 

It is always possible. " 

~ Dalai Lama 

So true! It is always possible to be kind. It just takes some reminding from time to time.

In my goal setting around the new year, I want to include a goal of embracing "Mr. Nice Guy". Being nice does not have to mean being wet toast. You can still have high standards, still hold student accountable, and still maintain a respectful classroom environment. 

We can be nice. In fact, we should be nice to our students, nice to their families and nice to our colleagues. Even when they may not reciprocate in quite the same fashion, we can be nice. We can recognize their trials and tribulations without judgement. 

It is alway possible to be nice. We just need to find the patience to be so. That is an admirable goal.

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