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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sample High School Recommendation Letter I Wrote this AM

For a medium/high student.

What am I missing?

Please compare this student’s academic achievement to his/her ability.

A’s grades in content reflect her ability to learn new concepts and procedures and apply them carefully to math problems. Her grades in Problems of the Week reflect her challenges with explaining her problem solving procedure logically at times. She has shown steady improvement over two years in this area.

Please describe this student in Math (Consider ability to retain mathematical relationships and principles, drawing generalizations, applying basic principles in word problems, and relying on memory versus conceptual processes)

A is a very responsible math student. She will often come to class with very specific and insightful questions about what she was asked to do in the homework. Her questions very often propelled the class’s understanding forward in important ways. She is a very methodical learner more comfortable with being taught a procedure and applying it than she is in creative problem solving. She has an acute sense of what a problem is asking for and is very self aware about whether she knows how to meet the expectations effectively. She demonstrated a good conceptual understanding of the meaning of variables in algebra. She is a strong believer in studying before a test and trying to do the best work at all times.

Have absences in any way affected the student’s classroom performance?

No significant absences.

Comment on the student as a person: (Consider maturity, integrity, behavior, relationship with peers, self-confidence)

A is well loved by her peers. She has a sharp sense of humor. She is involved with her peers, but not carried away by some of the social dynamics. She is, above all, an honest, responsible and sensitive student. She exudes self confidence and has many reasons to be confident, but is ready to ask for help when she determines she needs it.

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