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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Math 565: Concepts of Geometry, Measurement, and Probability

An email I just sent out to the students signed up for this course starting January 2010:

Math 565 was originally designed for fewer students than the 30 currently enrolled. It is organized around group activities, often with manipulatives or materials. We are to be located in Thorton 425, which I will have to look at in terms of space. There will be an expectation for group work in class, so attendance will be kept.

I wanted to make a few things clear from the start:

This type of math class is much more about the conceptual understanding of the topics, alternative ways of thinking about math, and JUSTIFICATION. It is different from other math courses because it is not a formula or problem set driven class. That has been confusing to some people in the past. 

1.  This is NOT a lecture course. There will be NO textbook. There will be handouts, homework problem sets and a requirement to take notes. My STRONG recommendation is that you have a three hole binder for the materials and that you devise a good system of keeping everything organized.

2.  All homework assignments will be on the iLearn website through SFSU. If you are not currently familiar with this, you will need to become so. 

3.  All homework assignments will need to be typed and clearly organized. If you explain something via a diagram, it has to be clearly and cleanly presented inside the homeworks. Calculations that are hard to type need to be hand written  clearly, cleanly and organized. Part of your homework grade will be based on these requirements.  No late work will be accepted as it becomes way too complex and unruly.

4.  There will be 10 homework assignments and the best 9 grades will be used towards your final grade (this means that one homework will be dropped).

5.  Because I am not a professor at State, I don't have an office or office hours. But I do take great care in supporting my students through this course. Email to this address is the best way to ask a question. I also meet with students @ other times and places as needed.

My understanding is that the iLearn section for our class will open up in January. Once it is available, I will post the syllabus. 

In case you are wondering, my day job is a 7th and 8th grade math teacher. I have taught for 20+ years and have been a 565 instructor for the past 7 years. I love this course, find it challenging and hope to transmit this enthusiasm to you. Feel free to contact me before class starts with any questions:  Happy Holidays!

Glenn Kenyon


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