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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

High School Recommendation Letters

This time of year, I have to write High School Recommendation letters for most of my 8th graders.

On any given year, I have great compassion for the ordeal these kids go through, with their parents, to be sure, as they "search" for a private high school.

The shadow visit, essays, interviews:  all seems overblown and exagerated, in my opinion.

Then I have to fill out a form similar to this one about the student, as well as write what comes out to be a whole essay on them. I always tell my students and their families that err on the positive, which is true. But just look at this form: doesn't it just beg for a snotty teacher to denigrate some student. I mean, really, aren't some of these questions ridiculousy overwrought and, in essence, judgemental?


Raymond Johnson said...

In the form, "Average" is second from the left and "Very good (well above average)" is in the middle. Simply from a design perspective, it makes me wonder how many people would visually interpret any mark left of center as a negative, despite the labeling of the columns.

Assignment Help said...

I agree with your point that sometimes the questions are judgemental and ridiculous. To some extent Ray has raised a good question too. I guess this needs more evaluation
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