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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday Five

As always, I try to figure out five things I've learned (or, at this point in my life, "re-learned"). I believe doing so gives credit to the fact that we are all "life long learners".

1.  Possums are vicious predators of chickens. We barely saved one of our hens, the stubborn one who would not go into our urban chicken coop last night.

2.  Chickens are dumb, dumb and dumber. When the possum attacked, she basically stuck her head in a bush and allowed herself to be de-plumed and bitten up. She did cry out, though.

3.  Writing 32 letters of recommendation for my 8th graders can be made easier if I only do 3-4 at a time, take a rest, even a nap, then return to the job a little later. When I re-read them, I was happy with the level of detail and positive compassion.

4.  No matter how hard I try, there will be detractors. 8th graders will misinterpret things. Science says so. Experience says so. They struggle to find saliency in human interactions. I struggle less (far less), but I will still come up against their poor interpretations. And some parents will just get tied up in knots.

5.  Working with a teacher in Texas on his 10th Grade Alice in Wonderland blog Project is great fun! Thanks, Christian.

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