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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visitors to this part of the blogosphere

Thanks to Blogger and to Twitter, I feel I have joined the teaching/thinking/doing staff of my dreams.

I enjoy thinking and writing and adding to the lovely cacophany around me.

One does wonder, though, if anyone else is really reading what I write. So few comments are left, that at times I may just be singing joyfully in a huge sound tunnel, reveling in the sound of my own voice (not a pretty picture, perhaps).

These are the stats of my site for the past several weeks. I am not entirely sure how to interpret them, but I am happy to know (I think) that at least 40 or so regular visitors are dropping by. That probably matches my own blog reading practices.

I wish I had a good cup of coffee, some brownies and a comfy chair to offer you when you drop in.

Thanks, it is all wonderful, isn't it.

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