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Saturday, November 28, 2009

These are the topics I Tweeted a lot about this past month

Not a bad list. Sarah Palin features more prominently than I originally thought. I guess I still can't believe she is on a national scene Still education focussed, though. With a little Glee thrown in for good, simple fun!

I found perusing the main words from my Tweets very interesting. While I want to hear from a range of people and ideas, I do want to keep my own contributions to topics of particular professional and personal interests. My Twitter personality reflects much of who I am that could be of some use to people.

In order of importance find:

1.  Math in general, algebra in particular
2.  Role of education in society
3.  President Obama and the world
4.  Healthcare
5.  Gay youth in school, gay life in general and gay marriage in particular
6.  Sarah Palin, Republican Party's obstructive politics, poor people and excess.

Above all, I see life positively, try to live it that way and try to leave the space around me a little better than I found it.


I think this a very good list of words in my Tweets:

math school students teachers teacher thanks
love time people class obama schools grade marriage 
education writing algebra teaching learning thinking 
life read feel question agree true public project health
karate help hope believe change book california 
country world care tell families ideas remember
parents system president practice lesson college
healthcare gays  rights sorry mind reform wish
social classroom

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