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Monday, November 9, 2009

My son's homework tonight was fun

Well, sort of, at least.

I've not been a fan of homework since my son entered 3rd grade.

Reading logs seem dictatorial.

Long sheets of math facts seem boring (although I do see the need for them, at times).

But this week, my son came home with a long questionaire about the origins of his name.

It is a long story. His name Emanuel comes from a favorite Mexican singer of mine. It is also the name that corresponds to my birthday, December 25th, on the catholic calendar. And I like the sound. (Just don't call him Manny). Emanuel also means "God be with you".

His middle name, Ridel, comes from his bio father in Cuba.

He has my last name, Kenyon, which I found out, doing a little internet research, means "blonde" from the nordic invaders into England many a century ago.

His second last name, Ortega, comes from his mother. We found out, in another internet search, that Ortega means "lucky one".

That is the end of his legal name, but he also adds on Verdeses for my husband, his great uncle, whom he calls Tieto. Verdeses comes from Verdes (greens), and has some royal significance.

My son was very excited to find out the meanings of all his names. He remembers when he used to have blonde hair, he feels lucky and he assumes he is a prince. The joy on his face was worth all the other times we've hated homework together.

It was a special time. That is what homework should be.

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