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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My son earns his blue/green belt

I post this video, in part out of pride for his accomplishments, but also as a thought about what is missing in American education since I've been a teacher.

My son has been working hard for his belt. He had to take a comprehensive test that showed he had mastered all the previoius skills leading up this current belt. He was guided and mentored during the test, but in the end, if he could not do it, he would not have passed.

When he did pass, he was given a certificate of completion, his new belt and a public recognition of his achievement. He was very proud and also quite tired, but he knew he had done something important.

I notice that in American education there is not enough real recognition of accomplishment and in fact, we often try to level the playing field, giving participation points, even when the participants are half hearted at best. We don't mark the important achievements that define the journey in schooling.

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