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Friday, November 6, 2009

My Friday Five

If we reflect on what we have learned in a week, it can be pretty darn amazing.

This week I learned:

1.  That the SF Bay Bridge is nearly unpassable at this point in history when trying to cross @ 5:30. Now all the traffic reports make sense to me (My commute inside of SF is less than 5 minutes, no traffic).

2.  My student benefit from slightly reducing the homework load, giving them up to 20 minutes a night of math work, hopefully no more. I can't control the texting, IM'ing and FB life, though.

3.  I learned that 3/4 + of my students have a very positive impression of math class and my teaching style. The other 1/4 are not necessarily uncomfortable, just more cautious.

4.  It can be hard but illuminating to look at videos of the class. I was impressed by the calm nature of the class, the student focus and level of academic acumen is high, very high.

5.  I learned of a way of thinking of teaching as "marching into confusion, then marching out". I like this way of thinking of teaching: if everything is always crystal clear via teacher explanation, then the student doesn't experience what it really means to be a "life long learner".

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