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Saturday, November 7, 2009

This evening I went with my 9 year old son to the "annual" LGBT family "picnic" for our School. I am not sure exactly how many LGBT (lesbian/gay/bi/transexual) families there are at the school, but there are usual 2-4 kids of such families in each class, so simple math would put us around 30.

Maybe 20 families showed up.

It was a great event.

My 9 yr old asked me where we were going. I said to a party. "Who's birthday?" Not a birthday, a party for gay and lesbian families.

"Oh, I bet A will be there."

No, A's families is not gay.

"Oh, but K's family will be there."

No, they aren't gay either.

"But he has two dads and a mom" (like our family).

No, I don't think his two dads are gay (step dad and divorced dad).

"But K told me his family was gay. They went to the Gay Parade."

No,  K's family is not gay, but to be honest, I've never asked. Maybe there is some truth there or maybe my son is just trying to fit his best friends into this category his own family belongs in.

That's the thing about us gays, we are assumed straight until proven otherwise. Convenient when needed, uncomfortable and narrow otherwise.

It was great to be with other gay and lesbian families (don't think we have transgendered families yet, though I know of two in my other life). The stories of how we create our families and protect them even in this ├╝berliberal city are stuff of novels.

The love and attention devoted to these children is monumental.

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