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Saturday, October 17, 2009

On going school visit saga....

So, the first school sent me a very "longwinded" no, alluding even to suspicious motives a visitor outside of a "large institution" could bring to such a visit.

That school is now christened "Gulag". I am sure there must be reasons they don't allow visitors in, but I can't think of many valid ones. Having been a teacher for many, many years (but still young enough, I must say), I have noticed that those who don't want to share or be discovered close their classroom doors and paper over the windows.

Over the weekend, though, I did receive a far different response from a different school. Maybe I'll call that school "Open Arms":

Hello Glenn,

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX here…. I’m head of the Math Dept at ZZZZZZZZZZ School. WWWWWWWWWW forwarded your email to me. I think it would be great for you to stop by. Wednesday or Thursday would be the best, since freshmen math classes don’t occur on Tuesday. On Wednesday’s we have longer blocks (an hour and 25 minutes). There are both freshmen math and Spanish classes that day. Thursday is a regular schedule, so every period meets, which means you could attend more classes (all seven instead of four).

On Wednesday’s the freshmen Math and Spanish classes occur in the morning. On Thursday’s they are after lunch. Just let me know what sounds the most interesting for your needs, and we’ll work it out. I’ll also contact the Spanish teacher to inform him that you’d like to see his class.

Are there any other classes you’d like to visit?

All the best,


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