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Monday, October 19, 2009

"High School Week"

Being a private school, our 8th graders are hot and heavy into their "high school search". We, the teachers, hate this time, but we fail to recognize that for our private school educational environment, this is necessary. 

Our 8th graders are give a week to schedule high school stuff so as to not get quite as overwhelmed with homework, schoolwork and high school applications. It is not nearly enough time and it is too early in the year to have a reasonable impact on their lives.

Today the 8th graders and I tried to figure out what it means to be on campus during "High School" Week, (otherwise known as "dead week") and still have math class of sorts. It is not an easy thing to get your head around, especially when some of your peers are either at home or at high school shadow visits. I have them two math logic puzzles to work out, but a part from being exceedingly difficult, when one's mind is on other things, you are often not able to try hard stuff. I realized that I had overshot my goals and tried to gear back a little. Tomorrow we will see what reasonable task I can think of for them.

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