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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Golden M

When I was a kindergarten teacher, we used to know that the letter "M" would be the easiest for our students to learn, thanks to McDonalds.

Later, as a father, I kept my son as far away from fast food as possible in the US, until he came home from pre-school to tell us what his peers were talking about.

Now this NYT article says it all:

At 5, Dexter has reached the age when schoolyard friends tell him things his parents have kept from him.

“Luke says there’s a restaurant called McDonald’s,” he reported on that day. There was no point denying it, so I asked him what else he learned.

“He says that other kids eat there, but we don’t. And he says that the food is bad for you.”

It seemed as if Luke’s nutritional views might enable us to keep Dexter away from the golden arches indefinitely, but a few months later he brought it up again. This time he wanted to try it.

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