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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Student Math Reflection Blogging, continued

The test was on our first unit that this test marked the finish of- Powers of Ten.

In the unit, the seventh grade went into BIG BIG BIG numbers and itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bik- wait, never mind.

Anyway, we studied 10, 10 and more 10. 10 with exponents, 10 with dots after it, what happens if 10 is multiplied a gajillion times, 10!!

Taking the test wasn't stressful or a pain in the brain.

The problems were challenging but not too bad, nice but not boring.

Glenn suggested we do the easiest problems first- studies show I boosts your confidence; therefore boosting your mood and mathematical abilities.

I did, and I think the afore mentioned is true... I never felt like I was drowning in the ocean of Ihavenoidea. Ever heard of it? Lots of worriers have lost their lives there. It was a brief test.

All in all, this test was a nice way to spend my math class.

¡Viva Math!

(nice little touch at the end)

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