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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Five Things I Learned This Week.

It occurred to me this weekend that I continually learn lots of new things on a daily basis. Some things are mundane (I learned it isn't so hard being line ref for my son's soccer team), and others more profound (I learned that my friend's recently deceased mother had a long and important impact on public transit in San Francisco). I want to log some of these things I learned, putting me once again along side all of my students as a learner and not simply "imparter of information".

5 things I learned this week:

1. 7th graders do amazingly complex work on their science fair projects;
2. The flea shampoo I bought for my dog Rexy is effective in less than 30 seconds (I wonder what is in it!)
3. If I ignore my two kittens, they come and lay down right next to me. If I grab for them, they scurry away.
4. It can be very useful to classify exponents as greater than zero, equal to zero, or less than zero (negative)
5. My UC Berkeley Teacher Inquiry Group is going to be a fantastic professional and personal support for me this year.

What 5 things did you learn this week?


Michael J said...

I found your blogs this morning. Nice work. I look forward to visiting again.

Just to share a Karate story. My son is very successful. Went to a good school and then an Ivy League college. Successful start up. All good.

He tells me that he learned more about how to have a good life from earning his black belt than any school he went to.

A friend, a boomer like myself, started a couple of years ago. He's a green belt. Same story from him.

I like the way you tell the story of why that might be true.

Christine said...

5 things I learned this week are:

1) I have a lot of people in my life that are there to support me.

2) My 6th grade class needs a lot of structure to succeed.

3) My lessons are flowing 10x better than last year.

4) Organization and keeping the classroom neat makes the day run smoother.

5) Teachers need breaks in the day for their mental health.