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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009/10 Professional Goals

Glenn Kenyon: Professional Goals 2009/10

My primary goal is to continue to be a positive, active and productive member of the my school's, both as a teacher and as a parent. As a teacher from the public sector, I help students and families bridge the perceived gap between public and private ed.. As a teacher and a parent, I have been a proactive ambassador for parents in lower elementary who share the soccer field, the theater seats and the homework woes with me.

More specifically, these are my professional goals for this year:

Conduct teacher research inquiry “What is the nature of the mathematical discourse in my classes?” through UC Berkeley.

Rationale: Math class discourse analysis is key to understanding areas for improvement

1. Read available research on effective discourse in classroom, particularly, math classroom.

2. Video tape randomly selected classes and apply discourse analysis methodology to transcript.

3. Identify key components of teacher and student talk.

4. Based on analysis, consider next steps

5. Publish results in UC Berkeley Teacher Inquiry journal

Measure of Success: Research based data analysis article for Inquiry Project

Implement more effective feedback loops between teacher and students.

Rationale: Parent-student feedback indicates high anxiety for some students.

1. Maintain Teacher log of class activities on Math Blog

2. Use Student-Teacher interactive blogs on weekly basis

3. Quarterly surveys via Surveymonkey of students (anonymous)

4. Daily Exit Tickets: What was great, what tanked, what questions?

5. Maintain Biweekly reports for families with all evaluated work.

6. Promote the positive explicitly in class and out.

7. Evaluate work more along lines of what went right

8. Student written class logs to be posted either on SFS Math Blog or wiki.

9. Digital format of POW and evaluation forms.

10. Survey parents one a semester

Measure of Success: Reduced parent/student concerns reported to me or to Julie via these feedback loops or via email/phone. Take note of potential positive reports as well as concerns.

Work on solidifying Advisory curriculum with 8th grade advisors

Rationale: 8th grade needs a stronger, more transparent advisory philosophy and curriculum than currently exists.

1. Research activities and resources. Bring them to team meetings on Fridays.

2. Continue discussion of purpose of advisory: curriculum or guidance?

3. Write a short article about student thoughts via advisory writing activities.

Measure of Success: Clear philosophy statement about advisory as well as a scope and sequence of topics/activities.

Design and implement two math investigation projects per month for 7th grade students interested in further challenge.

Rationale: Some parents have indicated concerns about the rigor and engagement factors of current math program.

1. Projects with one week duration, instead of standard homework

2. These projects will be offered in October, November, January, February and March (a total of 10).

3. Projects to be evaluated on a rubric and form part of the practices and processes grades.

4. Projects will be optional all year.

Measure of Success: 10 projects will be completed by January. Student, parent, teacher feedback analyzed.

Work more closely with 7th and 8th grade math/science collaboration.

Rationale: Good fit from a curricular and professional point of view

1. Examine writing goals for both classes for similarities

2. Tutor or participate directly in lab report writing

3. Find time in year to work on quantitative analysis of data for Sci Fair

Measure of Success: Each 7th grader will have a quantitative analysis of data, when appropriated, with my feedback and guidance.

Finish POW adventure series for the 8th grade

Rationale: Students are more engaged by POW’s in adventure story format

1. Continue to map out plot and consider what problems work best

2. Request student input on story line, via blogs and Verdania website.

Measure of Success: Series completed by spring, ready for revision over summer.

Expand and deepen Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Rationale: Teachers need continual replenishment and challenges from the larger world

1. Continue to write at least weekly on professional blog ( and math blog.

2. Double my Twitter presence (currently around 650 followers)

3. Continue employment with SFSU (this semester: Math 575)

4. Write at least one article for publication (Squeeze a Penny or Where’s the Beef)

5. Work with UC Berekely’s Bay Area Writing Projects as Teacher Consultant in writing. Present two worshops on math writing in middle school (first in October)

6. Submit proposal for workshop presentations for 2010/11 year to NCTM, CAIS and CMC @ Asilomar about writing in math

7. Visit two schools, Hoover and Bay, to observe math classes (with admin support, during “high school week”)

8. Publicize and promote PLN to School teachers.

Measure of Success: Most of these actions are already happening or easily can happen. Promoting PLN amongst School teachers will be an ongoing process.

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