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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teacher Diary: Summer: YES! School:?

I am 5 days into the summer break. My focus of attention has moved away from grading, lesson planning and reporting to more immediate needs: what will I do with my son today? Funny, but even after 22+ years of teaching, I continue to make amazing plans for how I will spend my summer combining family time into professional growth. But even 5 days into the break I realize that I will not read the 5 books I dutifully carry around from one spot to another in my house. I will not reevaluate my curriculum plan for next year. I will not write long, thoughtful blog entries.

I may, though, continue to read many interesting blogs. I may consider how to change some aspect of my interactions with students to provide more valuable feedback in class. I may also consider what projects I will take on in August when I return to my real working rhythm. 

In meantime, I think I will swim in the pool a little longer and go play basketball with my son.

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