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Friday, June 5, 2009

Teacher Diary: Scheduled Out!

This time of year is full of teacher stress and regrets. Stress about grading, finishing up "important" projects, grading, student behavior, grading, meetings, grading and finally: Next Year's Schedule (and then more grading). And regrets for not having "gotten as far" as we had hoped at the beginning of the school year.

We never seem to have enough time (although our student likely think we have too much of their time under our control).

I am currently doing a mathematical analysis of next year's academic year to see exactly how many math periods my 8th and 7th graders actually have. 

I have determined that my 8th graders have 144 periods of math scheduled, while my 7th graders have 150 periods.

I was glad to see that my 7th graders had a few more periods (equal to a little more than one week extra) because I feel our school needs to take advantage of the 7th graders attention to school work that gets somewhat fuzzy by the end of 8th grade.

Now I am going to look about my 8th grade curriculum and determine just how far I should expect to get with them in algebra. 

Just like I did with my paper files, my goal is to purge repetitive or weaker lessons (and topics) so that I can be sure my students have seen as much algebra as they can given their developmental needs as well as high school placements for 9th grade math.

More about this analysis later.

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