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Thursday, May 28, 2009


@AngelaMaiers:  Great Q: What have you had to "unlearn"? As a teacher, leader, trainer....
Just the theme I am contemplating this month, thanks, Angela (check out her website)

1. I had to "unlearn" my monolithic sense of proper behaviors and embrace a more multicultural approach.

2. As a leader, I had to "unlearn" my feelings of vulnerability when criticism is directed toward me or my initiative.

3. As a trainer, I had to "unlearn" my need to "move forward" with curriculums and philosophies and realize that teacher want to do well even when they are being overly cautious.

Some Twitter responses that caught my attention:

@learnteachtech: I had to unlearn sarcasm. Not all students get it. Those who do, wow, so much fun.

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