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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 points Extra Credit

I love the Planet of the Apes movies (the older ones), so here is a math problem inspired by them. 

Twitter the answer to @pepepacha

Planet of the Apes

Three apes walk into a motel on the Planet of the Apes and ask for a room. The desk clerk says a room costs 30 bananas, so each ape pays 10 bananas towards the cost.

Later, the clerk realizes he made a mistake, that the room should have been 25 bananas. He calls the bellboy over and asks him to refund the other 5 bananas to the 3 apes. 

The bellboy, not wanting to make a mess dividing the 5 bananas three ways, decides to lie about the price, refunding each ape 1 banana, keeping the other 2 bananas for himself. 

Ultimately each ape paid 9 bananas towards the room and the bellboy got 2 bananas, for a total of 29 bananas. But the original charge was 30 bananas.

Where did the extra 1 banana go?

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